Medical Practice Logo Design: Brochures & Letterhead

design from the ground up

Every design that comes out of the Incredible Lab starts with an idea – a concept about who the client is and what they are trying to do. What we accomplish with our award-winning, custom website designs is a unique look and feel for every client.


Is your website sexy? More importantly, does it make you money? ! This is why every design that comes out of the Incredible Lab starts with an idea – a concept about who the client is, and what they are trying to accomplish. What we achieve with our custom website designs is a unique look and feel for every client. We understand that no two clients are the same; the web covets and craves unique and fun experiences that brand, convert, and keep them coming back for more (all three if we do our job right!). From National Brands to local medical practices, our award winning designs set our clients apart from the crowd.
Logo creation is the pinnacle of the design process. This icon encapsulates the essence of who you are and the lasting impression you want to leave. At its most fundamental level, a logo has to speak to people because the message it conveys is the distillation of your brand’s identity. Our Incredible design team understands this and has an unparalleled success rate, satisfying 100% of our clients, crafting memorable logos. We want you to create one with a professional design team that takes the time to get to know you, your business, objectives and long term goals.
Business Cards
We all want one. Do you want to hand over a business card that is so cool and creative it causes people to be so impressed that they spontaneously combust? That’s the sort of thing our Incredibly cool and creative team does, minus the risk of fire. We design business cards that make you stand out from the multitudinous cookie cutter crap. So call us and let’s create a business card that’s a keeper.
Does your brochure turn prospects into buyers? Unfortunately, most brochures do not. Instead, they often times mindlessly boast about a company’s mission statement with vague descriptions of what it offers. A buyer-producing-brochure is another of our specialties at Incredible Marketing. We build brochures that can stand on their own with a clear answer to a prospect’s most important question: Why is your product the best solution for my problem? We then pair your message with a professional layout that adds credibility so that you have a winner!
Brand consistency is an integral part of your marketing plan. These small elements are seen constantly and are the face to your brand. They're often times the most customer facing brand element. Letterhead and other stationary bits are an art and science involving strategic drafting of copy and design to promote your brand. Our team has that kind of experience in creating ad copies that have the right emotional triggers to compel customers to remember your brand, your feel, and your message.
social media
Growing your medical company through social media separates the leaders from the pack!
More exposure can mean more clients. But are you tracking? Do you know if it’s working?
everything else
Trade show booths, posters, infographics, and t-shirts… we can do it all Incredibly well.
Meet Our [digital] Artists
Zack Bujazia
Incredible Creative Officer
Zack is one of the co-owners of Incredible Marketing and serves as the Incredible Creative Officer. When he's not chilling beach side, drinking a cold IPA with his basset hound Bruce, you'll find him camouflaged in his pitch-black office working in head-to-toe black gear.
Robert Torres
Incredible Designer
Robert is one of our designers and has been with IM since early 2011. He loves basketball and putting a whoopin' on his bosses in ping pong. He also is obsessed with wanting to see the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight it out. Robert can also quote every lyric from the band Modest Mouse (not by choice).
Adrijana Lesic
Incredible Designer
Adrijana has an unmatched passion for design and delivers an incredible level of dedication. The full-time duties of being a loving mother of two adorable kids doesn't stop her from defending her title as "2012 Incredible Employee of the Year". Adrijana always sets the bar a few notches higher.
Tiffany Shih
Incredible Designer
Tiffany is one of our designers with a background in operations, marketing and social media. When she's not designing, she loves battling it out in a strategic game of Connect Four (yes, the childhood favorite game) and binge-watching shows on Netflix.
Jamie Nigh
Incredible Designer
Jaime is one of our designers with a background in fine arts and front-end development. When she's not designing, she loves cooking from scratch and pairing it with new wines and craft beers and being outdoors with her pitty, Sammie.

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