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web scientists with attitude

Yup, we're web scientists with attitude! Online marketing experts, to be exact. We have taken the world by storm since 2008, serving up the world’s best SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Mobile Websites, & Custom Web Design. What makes us so great? Our team!

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Incredible Office
Office Mentality
We are both the bulls in the china shop and the yin and yang. The Incredible team consists of rock stars, geeks, spiritual divas, fashion goddesses, hipsters, culinary gurus, practical jokers, wizards, creative chefs, gatekeepers, watch makers, and storytellers. Everyone has their Incredible story that is one part of the whole. The Incredible office mentality is about getting things done and getting things done perfectly: creating designs we are proud of, implementing strategies that work, and generating results that make our clients money. If we can do all that and laugh, play a practical joke or get crazy good at ping pong, then we have done an Incredible job.
Our Furry Friends
Who said you can’t do good work at a dog park? Ok - we don’t work at a dog park but we do love our furry friends. If you visit us in our US office AND you have dog cookies you will become friends for life with Remus, Bruce, Leia, Lizzy, Smokey Joe, Franklin, and Schroeder.
Our Founders
Everyone at Incredible Marketing has a deep passion for internet marketing, technology, and cutting-edge design. IM was founded by Samuel Peek, Dave Sveen, West Jones and Nick Spears in Orange County, California. We pride ourselves on quality. We are a company that takes a custom approach to each client, which ensures the best quality, and client relationships. One size certainly does not fit all.
Creativity Driven
Creativity doesn’t blossom when everyone is thinking like the owner or asked to conform. Creativity shines when Incredible people are asked, encouraged, almost forced to be uniquely themselves and let their freak flags fly. Creativity is about taking a chance and putting your thoughts on the table. Playing it safe is not really playing. So fasten your seat belts.
Meet The Incredibles
Sam Peek
Incredible Executive Officer / Founder
Dave Sveen
Incredible President / Founder
West Jones
Incredible Operating Officer / Founder
Zack Bujazia
Incredible Creative Officer / Founder
Butch Flarida
Incredible SEO Lead
Mona Sharif
Director of Social Media
Stephanie June
Incredible Educator
Drew Leahy
Director of Marketing
Garrett Mojica
Incredible SEO Tech Guy
Ebony LaFranchi
Incredible Account Manager
Bernard Aquino
Incredible Developer
Tiffany Shih
Incredible Designer
Adrijana Lesic
Incredible Designer
Jessica Suderno
Incredible Developer
Robert Torres
Incredible Designer
Justin Ward
Incredible Developer
Stephanie Molfino
Incredible Account Manager
Jenna Ramirez
Incredible Account Manager
Sean Ryan
Incredible SEO Specialist
Tim Jacobs
Incredible Developer
Salena Birdsall
Incredible Accounting
Svetlana Virovtseva
Incredible Educator
Veronica Richartz
Incredible Social Media Architect
Marie Mannino
Incredible Content Creator
Luke Miller
Incredible SEO Specialist
Allison Brown
Incredible Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Eric Jacobson
Incredible Account Manager
Bohdan Cole
Incredible Project Manager
Shane Martin
Incredible SEO Specialist
Nick Gonzales
Incredible Developer
Ben Oh
Incredible SEO Specialist
Amy Omernik
Incredible Social Media Architect
Jamie Nigh
Incredible Designer
Erving the Owl
Incredible Mascot / Outlaw

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