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We are niche specialists. Specifically, we have focused on healthcare and we have dominated. Although healthcare is our domain, we have expanded to various professional service industries, as well as large national brands. We’ve practiced, so find out why they call us Incredible.

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Medical Marketing

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We are the leaders in digital medical marketing. We focus on providing exemplary branding, a dominating search presence, and producing content that is both engaging and unique for the end user. Our Healthcare team is well versed on what it takes to capture an audience, and deliver your message. We are different because we understand that no two campaigns will ever be the same. We have helped large healthcare brands, small ones, universities, and practices all over this planet. We know your demographic, and we’ve spent years learning your industry. The doctors are in!

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National Brands

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Our reputation as leaders in digital marketing means that large national and international companies come calling. We don’t work with all of them (mostly because they are usually needy and overly demanding), but when we do, our results are Incredible. We work with brands like Disney, American Airlines, BMF, Oreck, and others. We have created unparalleled search strategies, viral social media campaigns, and award winning websites. We have become adept at combining creativity and uniqueness, something that we find missing in most digital campaigns. If your brand needs to make an impact, pick up the phone. Call us. You know you want to...

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