After much debate and thumb wrestling here in the Incredible Marketing office, it has been decided that it’s only fair we share with you, our beloved readers, the highly coveted and anciently secret 4 Golden Questions of a Master Internet Marketer. They were discovered in Egypt in like, the 1700s or something, by some guy with a really big hat and a monocle. Chiseled into stone from, you know, an even longer time ago (yeah, it’s a big deal), here are the 4 questions you have to ask about your product or service if you’re going to get it out to market and successfully sell it to real human beings.

Who is it for?

Never trust a salesman who says his product is for everybody. No product is for everybody and assuming that is for all humans is the first mistake many marketers make. You must decide and define which specific group of people are looking for your product or service as a solution to their specific problems.

What do they believe?

Once you decide who your product is actually for, you must then ask what those people believe about the world. Camp A is a group that will line up to by the newest iPhone the day it’s released because they believe it makes them cooler, trendier, or more advanced than others. Camp B, however, will wait 6 weeks to buy it because they believe it makes them smarter than the early adopters. Decide which camp you are marketing to and you can decipher how they think. Then let that inform the conversation in your marketing.

Do they know you exist?

Marketing to people who already know (and assume) something about you or your business is very different than marketing to people who have never heard of you before. If your audience knows about you then you can play on existing brand assumptions but if you’re attempting to solicit a complete stranger, your entire approach will be calibrated differently.

Do they trust you?

Finally, when it all comes down to it and you’ve identified your core market and their beliefs, assuming you make the introduction and they know you exist, the big question will be whether or not they view you as an authority on your niche. Today’s consumers are savvy and can see through advertising gimmicks. You have to decide if you’re holding their trust in your hand (like Apple’s early adopter acolytes) or if you have some communication hurdles to overcome. Knowing is half the battle so ask the right questions.

And those are the ancient sacred golden questions of the marketing guru. Now go forth, child, and tell the world how incredible you are. Hit us up at (800) 949-0133 and we’d be happy to set up a consultation. (We’ll be here gluing the sacred stone tablet back together after it was dropped in the last meeting. I’m looking at you, West Jones!)


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