We know how much everyone loves pop up ads and little paid clickies all over the web.  So we thought you would be glad to know that the big grey Mac spaceship is poised to flood iPhones worldwide with—you guessed it—more ads!   Whoopie!

Computer giant Apple recently announced that it is finally joining the mobile advertising arena with its network hub iAd.  We weren’t sure if this thing was ever actually going to get off the ground, as the platform has been struggling to gain any sizable market share since its introduction in 2012, but the little ad platform that could has opened the floodgates to major advertising companies for programmatic pay-per-click buying.  Ad giants like Adelphic, AdRoll, MediaMath, Ruicon, and Tapsense all joined as launch partners for the final months of 2014.

These ad companies and others like them will be able to automate and control ad buys across over 250,000 iOS apps with detailed reporting metrics and real time data.  This is a huge step for an advertising platform that has only managed to milk about 3.3% of the mobile advertising market in the past 2 years.   Google sits on nearly half of the market with its top-of-the-line Adwords platform and Facebook has been hanging on to roughly 15% for itself.   Since no one’s touching the Big G any time soon, it’s Facebook that has to be concerned with the newcomer.

Apple was reluctant to open the gates to developers and smaller ad firms but has now granted access to iAd for anyone with an Apple ID.  Combined with the vast troves of user data the company has mined from iTunes and the App store, there is a large degree of control and best practice advice available for companies looking to advertise on the platform.

We’re all used to seeing ads in our free apps but now we may start to see more focused and strategic ad placement akin to Google’s remarketing ads and Facebook’s demographic targeting.  Incredible Marketing specializes in managing mobile and digital advertising for a wide range of clients and we’re glad to see the playing field open to new options and possibilities for connecting mobile users with the brands and products they find useful.

And there will be more free Temple Run and Candy Crush.



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