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Drew has been so kind as to let me slip into his spot and let me answer some questions that I hear all the time…

How do I convert more lead forms and calls into actual patient consultations?
So the first question I got came from Garrison in Michigan, and he asks, “How can we incrase the number of actual office consultations from the high number of emails we document? What works best?”

The answer for this is super simple: it’s time.

You need to make sure that when you actually reach out to someone you do so in a prompt manner. Typically we know that 24-hours is the magical window, but even within the 24-hours (within the first hour, or hopefully within the first fifteen minutes) of that contact form (lead request) coming in you have someone picking up the phone, reaching out, and making contact with that lead.

The reason why this is so important is because people are shopping. They’re taking a look at other websites and they’re finding the best physician in their market and they’ve reached out to you. That means you have convinced them enough to be able to connect with you.

So your answer is TIME. But if time doesn’t work for you – maybe your office is closed, maybe it’s a holiday, maybe it’s a weekend- well, maybe they’re are some other solutions…

One of the best solutions is chat software that is manned 24-7 (note: I’m talking about software like Engage that actually fields the chats on your behalf) and will allow you to reach out to someone in off hours if you don’t have an employee to answer leads 24-7.

Also make sure that your practice management software that you have in-house has an automatic function so it is reaching out to people automatically. That happens both pre and post operation. So there you go, Garrison: Time. That is going to increase the number of visits/consultations into your office from people who have contacted you.


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