You’ve come to terms with the fact that Facebook’s Edgerank is not always in your favor. Some of your posts do really well and some simply tank. So, how do you make sure you get the most bang for your content?

Yes, Facebook wants to you pay up to get more eyes on your posts. But, is that the only way to get more engagement? No, it’s not. There are ways you can get creative with your Facebook posts to reach your audience organically. There are also some things you should never do. Check out this list of things to do and avoid when making the most of your information on Facebook.

Don’t Use “Clickbait” Sentences

We’ve all seen them and have fallen to their tricks. The sentences that say things like “You’ll NEVER guess this celebrity’s super secret weight-loss trick!” Followed by a link. Once you click on that link, you find yourself on a website that fell below your expectations and you immediately hit that back arrow to go back to your Facebook feed. This is called click-baiting and Facebook is now taking into consideration how many times you hit that back arrow and how quickly you hit it. If they find that a page is getting a high “bounce rate” and people keep leaving the links to come back to Facebook, they will assume that your information is not prized by your viewer and will start to shove your posts lower in the feed, or not even show them to anyone at all.

If you do have a link you want to share, be sure to be honest about what your viewer will see when they get there. Share enough information in your caption to let them know what the content is about, and don’t be sneaky to get clicks! Be honest.

Interact With Your Fans Through Facebook Messages

If you have a strong audience and great information to share on your page about one of your procedures or products, you obviously want to share it on Facebook. Have you had a hard time getting people to respond to your calls-to-action? The truth is, many people are going to be reluctant to pick up the phone and call you and will try to find a way to avoid that. Make it easy for your audience to reach you- let them know that they can contact you by privately messaging you on Facebook at the the end of your posts. Not only will they know that there is a genuine human being and not some auto bot writing your posts, but they will also be able to contact you very quickly.

Here’s an example:

MsgFacebookDr. Scott E. Kasden.jpeg

Talk About Trending Topics

Go ahead, jump on that band wagon! When you log into your Facebook page, on your home feed you will see that Facebook will have a “trending topics” section. Facebook assumes that people want to hear about the stories that are trending and will sift through posts that have those keywords and place them higher in your newsfeed. Don’t really care that Miley Cyrus released a new video? You don’t have to stoop low to join a trending topic, there are often ones that you can engage on- like a football game, or a famous celebrity that just had a baby. Let your audience know that you are in the loop and don’t be afraid to have some fun on your page.

Give People a Reason to Comment on Your Posts

A great way to keep your posts on the top of user’s news feed is by having a lot of comments on your posts. When people comment on a post you make, Facebook will consider your post important because it’s being engaged and raise it higher in your fans’ news feeds. You can get this engagement by asking their opinion on a subject or by running a fun comment contest.

This is an example of a clinic that gave away a makeover and received high engagement:


The continuous stream of comments kept this post in user’s news feeds, generating even more comments. Another benefit to getting comments on your posts is that Facebook will remember that people like your stuff and your posts will have a higher chance of popping up higher in feeds again.

Maintaining your social media pages is not a part-time effort. You have to be constantly involved on your page to be sure that you are engaging and grooming your audience to visit your website or invest in your products and services. Major social media outlets like Facebook should be worked on at least 5 times a week. If you don’t have the time, or don’t know where to start on building your social media presence, contact our team of Incredible Social Media Architects to get started! Give us a call at (800) 949-0133 or schedule a one-on-one.


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