It seems like there’s a national holiday for just about everything these days and social media isn’t about to be left out. On June 25 of this year, a portion of the internet marketing community recognized “Social Media Day.” (What, you didn’t hear about it? We got streamers and pointy hats for the office.) In honor of this strange new annual celebration of all the tweets and tags in our life, news platform Mashable created the following video to give you a snapshot of the different social platforms folks are actively using these days.

Take a look!

The major takeaway is that guy can draw logos and icons really fast. Kudos, Flash Scribbler. Well played. The second takeaway is that while Facebook still reigns as the primary network for all our digital communication and community, it’s not as far ahead of its peers as it used to be. Networks like Twitter and Tumblr are gaining record numbers of new users and increasing their market share in the social networking world.

In addition to slowing down on its rampant worldwide growth, Facebook is now showing data that suggests their active user base skews toward older ages (35+) while the newer and faster growing platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat are skewing younger, often capturing the teen demographic as they enter the digital space for the first time. We all see pictures of Grandma’s cat and Aunt Helen’s little brat children when we log in to Facebook, and today’s teens would rather go to Tumblr where there’s free porn and anonymity. Understandable.

Regardless, the other major takeaway from data like that presented in the above video is that social networking, regardless of what platform you prefer, is here to stay. More and more people all around the world are logging on and linking up, creating social and cultural shifts that are utterly unprecedented in our time. With an interconnected world, the sky’s the limit for what we can accomplish together… and what kind of screwed up ice challenges we can come up with.

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