The world of marketing, particularly in social media, is becoming more and more visual by the day. The fastest growing social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok) are primarily visual in nature. People love their photos and images. It’s how we learn and process information best and imagery can convey a lot more than text. So how do you leverage the power of visual branding to improve your social media presence? We thought you’d never ask!


It may seem like a silly no-brainer but the effects of color on the human brain are profound. What’s important for brand marketing is consistency. Choose two basic colors to represent your primary brand palette and stick with those regularly across all your social media platforms. Research color psychology and choose colors that motivate people in a way that’s appropriate to your message and goals.


Not all fonts read the same way. A single word written in many different fonts will have many different effects and appeals. Choose a font that fits the design and style of your brand and use it in all of your copy and advertising. Fonts can be cute or strong. They say a lot without saying anything. Choose 3 primary fonts for your brand and stick with those. Use them consistently, for example use one for all your headings and another for body text.


Real design comes together with the photography and imagery that you choose to put forward in association with your brand. Generic white-washed stock photos with airbrushed models smiling will say something very different about your brand than would a grungy photo from a backyard barbecue that’s got a sepia filter and a warm color palette. Images are more than just what’s in the frame. The style and filter used in the image will create a certain feel so make sure it’s the right one. Use images a lot, all across your platforms. People relate to images more than text.


Finally, bring all the elements of design together to create a consistent look and feel for your brand that matches your intentions and stays consistent across all channels. You want people to recognize that style/feel as YOU.

Keep your eye on design and your brand will move in the right direction.


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