I am so excited to be writing my first blog for IM and since I am a newbie with the company,  what better topic to write about than my first few months at this organization?  The office at IM is exactly what you would expect a tech company to be.  Open air, bright walls, massage chair and of course a ping pong table to enhance the creative process.  Each department has a different part of the office with each part having a distinct feel.

If you walked into our main office, you would find our SEO Architects joking around with each other about the latest updates with Google.  Turn the corner and you will find the Social Media Architects planning their next game plan strategy for their clients while sitting cozily in their chairs.  A relaxed feel with dim lighting is where you will find our graphic designers and web developers who seem to enjoy a more funky atmosphere with bright colored lamps and music playing.  Bottom line, no matter which department you visit, you will be welcome with a joke and a smile.

Four months in and I have to say the creative forces behind IM and the family of staff they have chosen to bring together has been such a treat to get to know.   From a lead singer in a cover band, to a previous hedge fund employee, to a magazine content writer,  IM is filled with talent within the digital marketing realm, as well as outside this industry.

IM is a unique place, unlike any other place I have worked before.  My background has always been in Marketing and Sales, but for larger corporations.  The vibe at IM is not like big corporations.  Suits and ties are unnecessary and downright wrong.  Do not mistake the relaxed atmosphere for a relaxed work ethic.  Everyone at IM is plugged in, working diligently around the clock to make sure our clients have successful digital marketing campaigns.   Whether its Panda, Penguin or Edgerank IM strives to continually be on top of the algorithm changes with Google and Facebook and enables our clients to rise above each change.

I still remember my first day, feeling excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  The knowledge of the staff at IM is in fact Incredible and I have learned so much from each department.  One of my most favorite things is hearing how happy our clients are with our services.  Being an Account Executive, I take this information to heart and share it with our future clients.   The wealth of information that IM knows about digital marketing is outrageous and I am learning something new each and everyday.

We are always brainstorming new ideas, staying ahead of the curve and keeping up on all the tech news at IM.   Our company is growing so much these days and we are hiring more and more exceptional talent.  This blog post may entice future applicants to think about working for such an amazing company with an awesome company culture.  Just don’t beat one of the executives at ping pong too soon if you decide to join our team.


Incredible Marketing

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