“I Am Generation Image!” That’s what Japanese camera company Nikon has invited a string of passionate individuals to say with each photo they snap on the new Nikon D750.   The campaign is aimed at a generation of Millennials who, let’s face it, take a boat load of pictures all day long.  Launched by the McCann Erickson Agency, the clever campaign invites a string of individuals from all walks of life to take the camera for a few days and shoot some lifestyle shots of their daily life and surroundings.  These aren’t professional photographers at all.  A bit like the Russians sending a monkey into space to prove how user friendly and simple their space shuttle technology was, Nikon is hoping these diverse individuals with their amateur pics will demonstrate how versatile, easy to use, and powerful the new Nikon camera really is.

The roster of demos includes a homeless advocate, a pair of dads, some comedians, a vegan chef, an urban cyclist, and a few other characters who are snapping photos and tagging them with the hashtag #iamgenerationimage.  These photos as well as those aggregated from social media platforms will be featured on the campaign’s central website this spring.  The marketers are hoping the campaign will not only showcase the new Nikon camera but also encourage people to take their photography and visual communication to the next level.

“We are aware of the fact that through digital photography and social media, people are communicating visually more than ever before,” commented Larry Platt, executive creative director for McCann Erickson. “People use photos and videos to express themselves and share what they love where they once used words. There’s an interesting notion of people speaking in images and at the same time, it’s never been harder for your images to stand out.”

We love our images in the modern digital world, that’s for sure.  There are billions of pictures snapped every single day.  There are more pictures of people getting drunk on New Year’s Eve than there are documenting World War II.  We are saturated in visual media and campaigns like this one from Nikon are attempts to tap into this social phenomenon to unite people around the brand and the passion of quality photography that tells a story about something important.


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