The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging moment for the world, but it also offers a chance to build community, understanding, and support as we navigate this unprecedented time together.

If you take the time to educate your community on health tips or self-care, share some humor and create a personal connection with your practice or center, you’ll be making an incredible investment in the long run. People will look back on how you responded during this crisis and remember a feeling of care and compassion.

Shift your content and adjust in real-time

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the time to throttle back your online presence. Instead, it’s time to lean into your community and show up as the authority you are in your field. Engage with your audience about COVID-19 and share how you are making shifts in your business to accommodate your patients as best you can during this time. When doing so, make sure you stay on brand and provide relevant information to the current situation. Here are some examples of topics to speak about: 

  • Social distancing and health tips 
  • Tasteful humor — nothing brings people together like laughter! 
  • Ways for your patients to purchase products from you
  • Packages that feature “essentials” to maintain your regimen while in quarantine 
  • Everything your patients need to know about booking a virtual consult with you
  • The different topics you can cover with patients during virtual consultations 

Remain current and transparent — your patients are looking for information and trust in you to deliver, so make sure you proactively communicate updates about your medical practice or recovery center.

Personal content

To many of your patients, you are a trusted voice and face. Posting a personal message, updating your patients on how you are doing, and sharing your thoughts and reactions to the pandemic is not only engaging your audience, but comforting them. Show up for them! Many of your patients have been holed up at home just like you, so seeing a friendly face makes a huge impact and creates a sense of togetherness. Some examples of personal content include:

  • Live Q & A on Instagram and Facebook answering questions about COVID-19, your practice, what you can offer your patients and other questions they may have
  • Stories of you and your team asking your audience how they are doing and if they have any questions for you
  • Engage in the fun contests and challenges online right now and tag others to participate with you
  • Videos of doctors and staff saying hello from home
  • Videos talking about different procedures/treatments you offer and answering the most common questions
  • Videos with the latest updates about your center or practice
  • Sharing an example of what setting up a virtual consultation with you is like 

Promotions & Calls to Action

Let your patients know how you are adjusting to meet their needs and give them the best service you can during this time. When it comes to invoking calls to action during the COVID-19 crisis, be very judicial about what would be deemed appropriate and what would be deemed distasteful. Make sure what you are offering and asking people to do is relevant and won’t be a turn-off to current or future patients. Here are some examples of ways to shift your calls to action: 

  • Promoting digital/video consultations
  • Promotions for booking future treatments ahead of time
  • Discounts or giveaways for loyal customers

Web Traffic Ads

Many people are spending more time than ever before on their phones. If you are able to run social media ads that send people to your website, you can plant seeds to harvest in the future. 

  • Running ads on social media that send people to your website to learn about your services
  • Make the calls to action things like “learn more” or “contact us” since we know many practices and centers cannot book treatments or appointments at this time
  • Ensure you have a pixel on your site so you can retarget your audience in the future 

We’ve created some COVID-19 graphics for your practice

Here are some visual examples of appropriate social media content to share during the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to reach out to our talented design team to have some custom graphics designed for your practice. 

covid 19 social media tips      

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