Content marketing is a staple of any well-rounded incredible marketing strategy, kinda how Cap’n Crunch is always a part of a “complete and balanced breakfast.” But creating valuable content to promote your company’s area of expertise is only part of the battle. Lobbing it all out into a blog feed is only part of the process. In order to truly capture your audience’s attention and provide something for your industry that none of your competitors can match, you have to treat your blog like a resource center for thought leadership in your industry.

This means visually branding the blog as such and making it easy to navigate to find the information or FAQs your readers might have. Categories and Tags are the traditional content organization tools but how those different sections of filed content are presented on the Resource section of your site is just as important. Make it a library of rich and useful information that even your competitors will no choice but to visits and reference with easy navigation and a magazine-style presentation.

Don’t be afraid to follow the long tail and delve deeply into the nuts and bolts of what makes your industry tick. Provide info that’s as useful for the sales force as it is for the CEO. You can’t have too much educational material in your company’s digital resource center. Credit the content to the professionals on your staff and pick their brains for useful information topics. If someone sees that an article written about administering medication properly is coming from a Registered Nurse, suddenly the article has credibility.

Don’t underestimate your website and blog as a means to build authority and respect in industry. Provide good information and reap the reward of attention and traffic from everyone involved your little sector of the economy. That’s how you go from a good blog to an Incredible blog.


Incredible Marketing

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