What exactly is Video Marketing? Incredible Marketing’s SEO Lead, Butch Flarida, explains exactly what video marketing is.

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We’ve talked about getting involved in video marketing for a while, for a number of different reasons. You know all the things that you read about on the blogs, obviously you know it’s big for Google.

Diversification really become more of a key for SEO and the things that we do — putting all of your eggs in one basket at this point is just not a smart move.

For me SEO is more about domination of page one.  If I can get your website on page one with a rank, if I can get a video on there for you, if I can get your manta page or Google+ page. The more spots somebody has on page one, the less spots your competitor can have and that’s one of the things that all of the SEO guys here, we talk about all of the time — How to better help clients dominate page one — we don’t just want to get people to page one — We want to dominate page one.

And videos and because of all the things that are going on with technology, just increasing with mobile usage, in the next couple years their saying that mobile devices are probably going to have more than half of all of the traffic on the internet — Videos are just the way to go — they’re easier to rank, you can send a very simple message in 60 or 90 seconds, really get your point across — We love video, you know we’re all really MTV generation people. People don’t want to read anymore, people want to click on play button and watch something.

When we talk about video marketing there’s a couple of different ways you can go.  It’s very common obviously for business people and business owners to have videos on their website about the variety of things that they do; The problem with that is Google is not really kind of giving those types of videos the same kind of love that they used to get — so sites like YouTube, Vimeo, sites that are basically just video sites or websites that are primarily video sites are going to be the sites that are going to get the video love from Google in the future.

YouTube is really going to be the big answer for us, you can utilize other services, but until Google doesn’t own YouTube anymore, we’re going to go the Youtube route to better help our clients.

We are all really excited about it, we all think that it’s going to be a really big boost for our clients.  It’s going to be a lot of fun for us to do. We got a great team here, you know guys, we all work together to knock this stuff out — take care — take care of our clients — and just to kind of propel incredible into the upper-upper echelon just to blow the competition away — and that’s what we’re all about here. We want to do incredible work, we have incredible people, we want to do an incredible job for our incredible clients.

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