If you put it bluntly, Social Media is a chore, and if you are going to do it right you need someone dedicated to spending time and resources to keep up with the fast past trends. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering hiring a Social Media agency…

Do we have the people in place to invest in Social Media?

You will need to designate someone to be your community manager, content creator, and strategist. Also, does this person have experience doing this for a business already? The right social media agency will be able to handle all of this for you and help you manage your social media efforts without tying up a current employee.

Do we have internal expertise in Social Media?

In layman’s terms: Why would you hire a sales executive with no sales experience? You don’t want to learn on the job, so hiring an agency will eliminate the wasted paid hours of a learning curve. Your brand will be at risk if your employees do not know what they are doing. Social Media agencies have worked with numerous businesses on their social campaigns and have acquired expertise that’s hard for someone without experience to imitate.

Have you ever used Social Ads? Do you even know what they are?

Did you know that 10% of online ad spend in 2011 was on Social Media sites? Social Media offers ad options like no other, and you can target your clients down to their interests and type of pets they have! Social Media agencies that offer ad campaign services are golden, and they can help you micro target your audience and get your business in front of potential clients because they know and understand how it works.

How creative are you? Ok, but do you know how to implement it?

Social Media is about engaging with your audience and communicating your message. You need to be creative to get people to listen and stay tuned. A good agency will provide creative experience to your social campaign by making it socially interactive to spread awareness about your business. Make sure you select an agency that brings experience and examples to the table. If are not confident in tackling the above points you might want to consider a hiring an agency to run your social campaign for you. Some agencies specialize in various industries so make sure you pick one who understands your business and message!


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