Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Surgeons

content marketing for plastic surgeons & medical practices

Do you want to dominate the market? The answer, of course, is a resounding, “Yes!” To achieve this we must blend the worlds of content, search, and social media. Our custom content marketing campaigns will reach your desired audience and distinguish you as the leader in your market. Your blog will be fresh, your customers engaged, and the search engines satisfied. SEO + Social Media + Blogging = Content Marketing.

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What is Content Marketing?
SEO + Social Media + Blogging = Content Marketing. It's an online marketing strategy that harmonizes SEO, social media, and blogging into a focused campaign centered around creating engaging content to attract, acquire, and retain your target audience. Your website and blog become the hub of activity. Social media is used to share the content, create a buzz, and drive traffic back to your website to convert into a lead. Google’s recent algorithm updates show that unique content, being shared from credible sources, have a gargantuan impact on being found in search. By adding fresh content in weekly blogs on your website, your organic SEO will have a lasting place in the search results!
Blogging is a great way to produce valuable content. Google will see you as a go to source for your industry, which in turn will help you build brand recognition for your practice. We will create an editorial calendar of blog articles that are newsworthy, helpful and valuable to position you as an industry leader and trusted expert. Blogs are optimized and then promoted via social media to drive traffic to your website and boost your SEO rankings! We will also incorporate strategic keyword phrases, along with questions and phrases for which your target audience is searching. Your blogs will be shared via Facebook and Google+, along with Tweet indexing on Twitter. Our professional content writers post & publish blogs weekly.
Google+ is just as important as Facebook specifically because it closely integrates with the world’s largest search engine! Google search results now showcase elements of your Google+ profile such as posts, pages, images & profiles! Your Google+ page will be optimized and branded to mirror your business. Posting on Google+ also gives you more online visibility because they index your content, giving you even more exposure when you appear in online searches! We will also establish Google Authorship to provide credibility and claim your content on your website.
Micro Campaigns
Our custom micro campaigns are designed to promote key treatments, services or products you offer! Your Incredible architects will strategize together and create a game plan to target specific keywords and inspire interest in your campaign. We will create a microsite or landing page designed for lead capture and conversion. Blog articles will be written to educate and drive interest in parallel with complete user targeting through PPC and Facebook advertising. We will also create a custom email blast and use social media to drive traffic to the micro campaign. To wrap them up, we will provide full email and call tracking in a report for you!
Let’s create and share engaging content so that customers create a buzz and pay attention to you!
telling your story
At the heart of content marketing is storytelling. Your story is what builds lasting relationships & loyal customers!
connecting it all
Combined together SEO, Social Media, and Blogging can help you #BeIncredible too!
Incredible Content Creators
Sam Peek
Incredible Executive Officer
Sam is a dreamer, a traveler, an adventurer, and a passionate entrepreneur at heart. He craves all things creative, and brings together years of tech, business, and law. If not in the office, check the back of the cafe - somewhere!
Drew Leahy
Director of Marketing
Drew is the Ping Pong Wizard . . . which is why he was hired at IM. When we realized his gamesmanship transcended table tennis, we gave him a shot at digital marketing. The rest is HIS STORY. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the drums . . . on his desk.
Butch Flarida
Incredible SEO Lead
Butch has been doing SEO since 2007, rocking the drums since longer than he cares to admit, and is the King of Useless Knowledge. He also LOVES the NY Yankees and thinks Baja Blasts should be offered EVERYWHERE!
Mona Sharif
Director of Social Media
Mona started at Incredible Marketing in 2013. When it comes to wanting to get popular on the web- Mona knows how to create a plan to get people buzzing about you (in a good way). She's traveled to 4 continents, doesn't care that she's addicted to the internet, and can be traced by her loud laugh.
Garrett Mojica
Incredible SEO Tech Guy
Garrett joined the Incredible Marketing family in early 2014. Using semantic mark-up, he helps search crawlers understand what web pages are about. When he's not nerding out on programming, he's either perfecting his nollie 360 flips or listening to Brian Eno.
Adrijana Eric
Incredible Designer
Adrijana has an unmatched passion for design and delivers an incredible level of dedication. The full-time duties of being a loving mother of two adorable kids doesn't stop her from defending her title as "2012 Incredible Employee of the Year". Adrijana always sets the bar a few notches higher.
Ebony LaFranchi
iIncredible Account Manager
Ebony is the token Aussie on the team. You are likely to find her playing guitar in her folk/bluegrass duo or in the kitchen making macarons or fresh pasta. Ebony is stoked to be working for a company that has a branch in Australia, if for no other reason than business trips mean she will have a never-ending supply of vegemite.
Cameron Long
Incredible SEO Specialist
Cameron is a Search Engine Architect and sometimes office floater as the need arises. He optimizes, games, engages in thought experiments, and loses his keys.
Stephanie Molfino
Incredible Account Manager
Stephanie loves the creativity in social media marketing . She doesn't understand people who don't like chocolate, loves traveling, has her own fashion blog, and wishes her dog was allowed in restaurants (just hers).
Jenna Ramirez
Incredible Account Manager
Jenna came to IM with a background in digital marketing and public relations. She is a total foodie and a true SoCal girl. When she’s not blogging or checking out the newest restaurants, you can find her napping with her wiener dog or reading the newspaper on the beach every morning.
Katrina Issa
Incredible Social Media Architect
Meet Katrina (but she prefers to be called Kat). When she's not kicking ass on social media, you are likely to find her behind her camera. Visual storytelling is her thang. She also loves music and will take any excuse to go to a concert or music festival. If she were a social media channel, she’d want to be Instagram! 
John Chung
Incredible SEO Specialist
Since 2007, John has been dancing for various dance teams such as Team Millennia, Kaba Kids, and Hall of Fame, and he's appeared in a couple of music videos, too. Now that he has retired from the competitive scene, John has become deeply involved with his other two passions: SEO and Counter-Strike, Global Offensive. When he's not busy, John likes to do research on the latest SEO trends, get ready for CS:GO LAN competitions, and keep a fit & active lifestyle.
Marie Mannino
Incredible Content Creator
Marie came to us wrapped up in a bow December of 2015. She has a degree in English literature with an emphasis in creative writing from UC Irvine (Zot! Zot!). She loves nothing more than to curl up with a macabre novel and a giant cup of espresso (what on Earth is decaf?). She writes short stories, has a lifestyle blog, sings jazz and has a weird background in health sciences from UCLA where she often enjoyed anatomy classes and the dissection of cadavers for research. 
Sean Ryan
Incredible SEO Specialist
Sean is an entrepreneur always looking for the next thing. For Sean, keeping up with Google and SEO is a never-ending, fun pursuit. While he's not busy working, he finds time to take cruises on his motorcycle, have his dog take him on walks, go dirt bike riding, play airsoft, practice archery, and go camping/ hiking.
Luke Miller
Incredible SEO Specialist
Luke loves seeing websites climb the ranks of Google. When he's not busy optimizing sites, you can find him kickin' butt on the tennis court or kickin' it at the beach (even though his pale skin tells him no).

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