SEO for Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Surgeons

SEO for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

“Google It!” We're teachers, working in unison with our clients towards a common goal. We are "Incredibly" adept at staying ahead of the newest changes and developments in the search world. We embrace algorithm changes and we pass along our expertise to each and every client.

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Search engine optimization
What is SEO?
“Google It!” is a familiar phrase to all of our lips when we want to find something. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process used to get your website found in search engines such as Google & Bing. When people look for a product or service you provide, you want to be the name that they see. Your business has keyword phrases that should attract new clients, and SEO helps your website show up when these phrases are searched. SEO is necessary for national and international businesses that are looking to expand both their brand name and customer reach. Moreover, it is especially effective for local and regional businesses to compete. SEO ensures your website is easy to find by search engines, which improves the chances of it being found by potential clients.
On Page SEO
On Page SEO is the process of optimizing various areas of your website so they are as search engine friendly as possible. Our SEO process bridges our need to provide an engaging website for the user, while making sure the search engine robots are indexing your page as high as possible for the search terms we are targeting. This includes optimizing the content (including keywords), images, videos, URL for each page, internal linking, and the various “tags” used for each page. On Page SEO is the critical foundation of any successful SEO campaign.
Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO uses all the things done outside of your website to assist in getting good rankings and traffic. This includes quality link building, Social Media interaction with pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, directory submissions, press releases, citations, and gathering reviews from clients. This interaction has become especially important for local businesses, and has been proven to increase both rankings and traffic for competitive keyword phrases.
There are 2 types of linking: Internal & External. Internal linking connects various pages and content within your website to give both the visitor and search engines a clear and concise path to navigate your site. External linking is the process of getting high-ranking, relevant sites to link back to your site. These “votes” show Google that you are an authority in your field, and have the backing of other authorities. External linking is a very important part of the Off Page SEO process. It’s a popularity contest and you want to win!
Tracking & Reporting
We love analyzing numbers. Our SEO team tracks rankings, traffic, content, and so much more so that you can get the full picture of your SEO campaign. Every month you'll receive a detailed report from us outlining what we've done, where you rank, and how many leads you have generated. Using this kind of data helps us understand ways we can better improve your websites rankings. The more we learn over time, the better we can make your Search Campaign. The better your search rankings, the more qualified traffic to your site, and ultimately, the more potential leads.
keyword research
We use the most profitable keyword phrases for YOUR business, so you make more money!
conversion optimization
We track your website conversions, so you know the percentage of traffic that is qualified and targeted!
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Our Algorithm Experts
West Jones
Incredible Operating Officer
West co-founded Incredible Marketing back in 2008. Since then he's led operations, sales, HR, and marketing for IM. He travels a ton, has eaten over 150 types of tacos, surfs, explores, and is a technology evangelist.
Butch Flarida
Incredible Lead SEO
Butch has been doing SEO since 2007, rocking the drums since longer than he cares to admit, and is the King of Useless Knowledge. He also LOVES the NY Yankees and thinks Baja Blasts should be offered EVERYWHERE!
Drew Leahy
Director of Marketing
Drew is the Ping Pong Wizard, which is why he was hired at IM. When we realized his gamesmanship transcended table tennis, we gave him a shot at digital marketing. The rest is HIS STORY. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the drums . . . on his desk.
Garrett Mojica
Incredible SEO Tech Guy
Garrett joined the Incredible Marketing family in early 2014. Using semantic mark-up, he helps search crawlers understand what web pages are about. When he's not nerding out on programming, he's either perfecting his nollie 360 flips or listening to Brian Eno.
Cameron Long
Incredible SEO Specialist
Cameron is a Search Engine Architect and sometimes office floater as the need arises. He optimizes, games, engages in thought experiments, and loses his keys.
Sean Ryan
Incredible SEO Specialist
Sean is an entrepreneur always looking for the next thing. For Sean, keeping up with Google and SEO is a never-ending, fun pursuit. While he's not busy working, he finds time to take cruises on his motorcycle, have his dog take him on walks, go dirt bike riding, play airsoft, practice archery, and go camping/ hiking.
Shane Martin
Incredible SEO Specialist
Shane has been involved in SEO since 2005. When not arranging search engine results to his liking, he is spending time with his dogs, watching UFC, listening to podcasts, and gaming.
Ben Oh
Incredible SEO Specialist
Meet Ben; he's a part of the link building team. He enjoys playing video games, trying new food and watching funny Youtube videos.
Luke Miller
Incredible SEO Specialist
Luke loves seeing websites climb the ranks of Google. When he's not busy optimizing sites, you can find him kickin' butt on the tennis court or kickin' it at the beach (even though his pale skin tells him no).

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