Social Media Marketing for Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Surgeons

Social Media Marketing for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

Social Media Marketing helps increase your visibility online, expand your brand presence, promote word-of-mouth marketing, and attract new customers while increasing your return on investment. We create engaging content, ads, promotions, and contests that will drive more traffic through your doors!

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Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing?
Create a buzz without getting stung! Social Media Marketing attracts attention and builds awareness for your business, brand, reputation, and what you offer. By creating unique content and strategic promotions, we encourage your fans and followers to spread your message via word-of-mouth with their social networks. Social media expands your customer reach and also boosts your SEO rankings. It is the best marketing tool for spreading your content across the web, increasing customer loyalty and trust, influencing your audience, and controlling the conversation about your brand online.
Twitter, Facebook, & Youtube
We create a custom Social Media Marketing campaign by using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Facebook let’s you control the conversation and build a lasting relationship so that your customers or audience keep coming back for more! We run monthly Facebook advertising campaigns targeting specific demographics of users who are your ideal customers! Engaging and informative videos on YouTube help captivate your target audience and showcase your services. Start a conversation with your followers on Twitter about what’s trending to make you stand out as an expert in your industry.
Email Marketing
A strategic email marketing campaign is a great way to stay in touch with current customers, push promotions, and highlight new products or services! Give your email subscribers the “inside scoop” on what’s happening behind the scenes to make them feel valued and special. Email marketing is a great tool for promoting your social media profiles, encouraging reviews, and sending traffic to your website.
Reputation Management
Encourage feedback and control the conversation about YOU! Brand yourself as the industry leader and expert. Everyone is heading to online review sites to give their “two-cents” on brands and businesses with their personal experiences. We all know it’s impossible to make everyone happy, and that is why we have incorporated reputation management into our social media package. Our goal is to build you a strong offense of positive online reviews, so in case that one bad seed decides to complain, it will be buried by all the positive reviews from happy clients.
Tracking & Reporting
We cut through all of the boring data to create monthly reports for you to view the progress of the social media marketing campaigns. We measure your ROI by the impact social media creates! We analyze your fan base, leads you receive, the amount of engagement on your fan pages, the results of contests and promotions, and monitor positive reviews and recommendations on all the major review sites.
social strategy
Your social media architect will create a customized game plan tailored specifically to your business.
We customize every design to your branding, creating backgrounds, banners, and promotions specifically for social media.
This is social media - we thrive on communication. Time for us to be attached at the hip!
Mona Sharif
Director of Social Media
Mona started at Incredible Marketing in 2013. When it comes to wanting to get popular on the web- Mona knows how to create a plan to get people buzzing about you (in a good way). She's traveled to 4 continents, doesn't care that she's addicted to the internet, and can be traced by her loud laugh.
Adrijana Eric
Incredible Social Media Designer
Adrijana has an unmatched passion for design and delivers an incredible level of dedication. The full-time duties of being a loving mother of two adorable kids doesn't stop her from defending her title as "2012 Incredible Employee of the Year". Adrijana always sets the bar a few notches higher.
Ebony LaFranchi
Incredible Account Manager
Ebony is the token Aussie on the team. You are likely to find her playing guitar in her folk/bluegrass duo or in the kitchen making macarons or fresh pasta. Ebony is stoked to be working for a company that has a branch in Australia, if for no other reason than business trips mean she will have a never-ending supply of vegemite.
Stephanie Molfino
Incredible Account Manager
Stephanie loves the creativity in social media marketing. She doesn't understand people who don't like chocolate, loves traveling, has her own fashion blog, and wishes her dog was allowed in restaurants (just hers).
Tiffany Shih
Incredible Designer
Tiffany is one of our designers with a background in operations, marketing and social media. When she's not designing, she loves battling it out in a strategic game of Connect Four (yes, the childhood favorite game) and binge-watching shows on Netflix.
Jenna Ramirez
Incredible Account Manager
Jenna came to IM with a background in digital marketing and public relations. She is a total foodie and a true SoCal girl. When she’s not blogging or checking out the newest restaurants, you can find her napping with her wiener dog or reading the newspaper on the beach every morning.
Katrina Issa
Incredible Social Media Architect
Meet Katrina (but she prefers to be called Kat). When she's not kicking ass on social media, you are likely to find her behind her camera- visual storytelling is her thang. She also loves music and will take any excuse to go to a concert or music festival. If she were a social media channel, she'd want to be Instagram!
Amy Omernik
Incredible Social Media Architect
Amy is a born and raised Wisconsin girl (Go Pack Go) who has been living and loving the SoCal life since 2008. Amy has a background in social media marketing and copywriting, and her favorite tagline is "Got Milk." (Not because she's from Wisconsin.) She loves going on long walks around Long Beach, enjoying a good bottle of wine with great food and company, and her dog Sam.
Eric Jacobson
Incredible Account Manager
Eric comes to IM with 10 years of digital marketing and web development experience to his credit. When he's not working closely with the Social Media and SEO teams to help actualize client goals, he’s researching new marketing strategies, writing & recording music, or reading the latest Batman graphic novel.

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