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Designing your new website is a collaborative effort. We work with you to understand the goals of your business and design a site that represents and achieves those goals. When users visit your website, we make it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for and encourage them to contact you!

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Websites Make Money
You do not need a shopping cart for your website to make you money. If you have a well developed website, with the appropriate Calls-To-Action for your audience, your website will not only be a representation of your brand, but also be a valuable tool for encouraging users to contact you! There have been plenty of times where we have denied running an SEO or Social Medical campaign for a client because their website was simply working against them. We can optimize and drive people to your website all day long, but if the website is a mess, the users will bounce - and that equates to nada! Let us build you a website that is engaging and encourages users to buy-in to your brand and contact you!
Over 30% of users use their mobile devices to search the Internet daily. This leaves an amazing opportunity for you to tailor your website to a large set of potential users. When you have a mobile website, conversions increase exponentially, but we are guessing that you already know that. What you may not know, is if you already have a website in WordPress, we have some really cool ways of implementing a cool mobile site for you without reinventing the wheel. Our goal is to make the process smooth and efficient for you while delivering a product that will help convert that mobile traffic.
Our Process
We know building a website is not your idea of fun. We also know that it can be an onerous prospect for you as you do not build websites everyday. Fortunately, we do. Take advantage of our years of experience and a very dedicated developer team with a proven process that helps make website creation as easy as possible. Building a website is a collaborative effort and we value clients that are as committed to the project as we are.
Have you heard of Wordpress? It is the leading Content Management System (CMS) available and, it just so happens that we are experts! But, if your project requires systems such as Drupal and Magento we can help you out, too. If you don’t know what these are, fret not, we will let you know if it should matter to you. When it comes to development we use all the latest web <s>jargon</s> standards such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ajax, Javascript, JQuery, and MySQL. We are geeks who like to throw coding parties and host regular in-house hackatons!
above the fold
If you have something important to communicate - don’t make users scroll down to find it!
designed to convert
We know what converts and will have all the right elements included to support your goals!
it’s custom
We deliver our websites with pizazz, not in a box like FedEx - They are all custom!
Our Hacker Nerds (And Jessica)
Dave Sveen
Incredible President
Founder/Owner and self-proclaimed #ProblemSolver. He is a golfer, a baller, knee-dragger, and now, photographer. Getting geeky with marketing, traveling, and technology excite him, but not like taking his dogs to the mountains!
Jessica Suderno
Incredible Developer
Jessica has a background in graphic design and advertising but nerds out on anything to do with code and Wordpress. She loves her dog Peaches, vintage shopping, and anything to do with Frank Sinatra or Mad Men.
Zack Bujazia
Incredible Creative Officer
Zack is one of the co-owners of Incredible Marketing and serves as the Incredible Creative Officer. When he's not chilling beach side, drinking a cold IPA with his basset hound Bruce, you'll find him camouflaged in his pitch-black office working in head-to-toe black gear.
Justin Ward
Incredible Developer
Web developer by day, card shark by night. Justin has been developing websites for nearly 15 years and playing poker for even longer. When not building web masterpieces and stacking chips, Justin loves hanging out with friends and family, playing with his 3 dogs, golfing, bowling and heavy music.
Robert Torres
Incredible Designer
Robert is one of our designers and has been with Incredible Marketing since early 2011. He loves basketball and putting a whopping on his bosses in ping pong. He also is obsessed with wanting to see the fight everyone in boxing has been wanting to see, Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Robert can also quote every lyric to the band Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket.
Bernard Aquino
Incredible Developer
Bernard has been with IM since 2009. He focuses on front-end and Wordpress development. He loves nature, photography, and getting all spiritual & stuff. He’s a sweetheart.
Bohdan Cole
Incredible Project Manager
Bohdan (Bo) joined IM in 2015. A Jack-of-all-trades--master of many--he brings a number of years of digital marketing, strategy/PM experience to the table. What else helps keep his blood flowing? He’s a weather freak, storm chaser, and rescued Chihuahua(s) owner. (Boston Terriers and Huskie’s also!) Bo loves technology, photography, fitness, and outdoor activities with the family/friends!
Nick Gonzales
Incredible Developer
Nick went to school for game programming but fell in love with creating websites, so he decided to make that his career. His favorite things to do outside of work are playing sports (especially basketball), running, and going out to enjoy shows, movies, and great music. And he loved getting down and dirty doing a mud run!

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