We would like to take the time to tell a little story about one of our own, her unwavering focus, and rise to the upper echelons of Incredible Marketing. Brittney Combs is someone who has stayed with us since our early days and quickly became a staple of Incredible Marketing. She has seen us grow, develop, struggle on occasion, and overcome.

Her honesty, dedication, perseverance, and passion have made a larger impression on the company than the company has made on her. Her determination to make clients succeed has in turn allowed Incredible to evolve and achieve. She possesses intimate knowledge of our core principles and shares in our excitement about what she will bring to the table as an executive of Incredible Marketing.

Responsible for the creation and management of our Social Media Marketing department, Brittney will continue leading her team of account managers, designers, and Facebook developers. While she oversees the strategizing and creation of unique social media game plans, her team works diligently for each client to reach their target markets and further their individual branding initiatives.

Following her insight and guidance, her team launches social media campaigns which include:

  • Measuring and reporting ROI with engagement metrics, social media traffic growth, conversion metrics, and lead nurturing through the sales funnel.
  • Managing and creating Facebook Ad campaigns and budgets
  • Development of strategy, creative, campaign analysis, vendor management, performance reporting, budgeting, and forecasting for the social media and content marketing departments
  • Running creative contests and promotions
  • Increasing engagement on social media sites
  • Monitoring competitors and trends to stay on the bleeding edge of online marketing

What’s next? Brittney’s journey continues in the world of executive management. Going forward, she will transition into an overarching role where she will be managing more of the company as a whole. She will be involved in company growth strategy, maintaining our distinct culture, financial decisions, and everything else that is and executive duty. In fact, she’s in Australia at the time of writing attending two medical conferences and focusing on growing IM internationally.

When asked about herself, Brittney had this to say.

“I am a brand storyteller and social media strategist that oversees all marketing initiatives across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, leads, and customer behavior. Every company has a story, and through strategic branding, hypnotic writing, and analyzing your target market, I create content marketing campaigns that hook your audience and spread your message like wildfire.”

She’s the only person to become an executive at Incredible Marketing, apart from our founders; Sam, Dave, West, Nick, & Zack. To say the least, we’re ecstatic to have such a lovely lady as a part of our team.

Congratulations Brittney Combs.



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