How many emails flood your inbox in a day? If your answer is ‘too much’ then you’re probably like most folks. In a society constantly bombarded with non-stop marketing pitches, make sure your patients want to read your practice’s newsletter – not just delete!

According to MailChimp, the average open rate for a newsletter in the health and fitness industry is 24.27%, with a click rate of 3.64%, and a soft bounce rate of 0.83%

If your open rate is well below that number, here are the 5 things you need to know on increasing your readership.

Cheesy Subject Line

Avoid them! The best email subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to explore your message further. Using splashy, cheesy phrases to try to stand out more often results in your email being ignored and deleted altogether.

MailChimp recently conducted a study and found three simple words with a negative impact: help, percent off and reminder.

Content, Content, Content!

Your likelihood of having a higher click rate depends on the content you’re providing patients. Are you giving them an inside look into the practice, sharing relevant information that they’ll actually be interested in, and discussing the latest industry trends?

Example: If your staff just attended a conference, include pictures and a short summary of what your team learned. Not only does it let your patients know that your team is staying on top of medical findings and furthering their education, but more importantly, that you’re willing to share with them the good news!

Crap List

Never, ever buy a list. I repeat. NEVER. It doesn’t do anyone any good when you buy random emails who have little to any interest in your practice. Always build your email marketing list organically. Make sure your email subscribers have individually selected to receive news from you. Inform them that no HIPAA laws will be violated. One easy way to accomplish this? Including a short opt-in statement with a check box in your patient forms.

Colors of the Rainbow

Remember the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover?’ Well, it doesn’t apply here. Your subscribers are judging you and will make a decision in a matter of seconds whether they wish to continue reading your message. So, if you’re promoting a special, make sure you are using bright, fun colors with distinct call-to-actions. Bold “CLICK HERE” or “LEARN MORE” buttons work great for backlinking to websites!

Clean & Concise

Simplicity is in! Don’t worry about having a complex layout with 5 different sections and shapes. Again, you want your reader to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve in less than 5 seconds. Don’t make your reader work more than they have to. A simple vertical layout will allow your reader’s eyes to flow naturally from top to bottom.

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