In the day of content frenzy and ‘search results’ based marketing decisions, there is one valuable resource, that if done correctly can bring new life to your online marketing efforts…but if done wrong, can really screw things up for you, so don’t be dumb!

What are some simple things to do?

First, make sure the blog on your website is easily accessible via any device; make it mobile friendly and easy to find on your website. On that note – make sure it’s ON your website…if all you’re going to do is start a blogger account, then you’re wasting your time. The most common tool, is WordPress, and it’s easy to set up and have a customized domain name, if you don’t already have one. If you don’t know how to set one up, Google it – someone will tell you how.

When you’re setting up your blog, make sure that the search engines can index the pages; make sure to have the necessary SEO plugins installed to do some basic SEO (btw, Incredible Marketing is the best SEO firm in the world), and for crying out loud enable authorship! These are some very basic items to address when getting things set up.

Once you have the blog in place and ready to go, start writing! You don’t want to have a blog on your website, without any blog posts – that would be like loading your gun, then just shooting yourself in the foot, instead of the target down-range. So load it up! Start with a few basic articles – make them topical if you can, and write in a tone in which you’re most comfortable. Write several paragraphs, but don’t repeat the same stuff over and over as if you’re simply writing a book report for school and trying to just fill it up to meet the word count the teacher set. If you give the post substance, your readers and Google will appreciate it and you shall be rewarded for it.

Write often! Don’t just write a single article a year and think that will do your brand any benefit. Write frequently…if you don’t have time, then have someone else write for you. Whatever it takes to keep the posts posting! Too many blog posts is merely impossible to attain, so don’t worry about that. People and Google LOVE information….so the more you give, the more attention you shall have. Duh, right?

What should you NOT do?

Well, don’t steal other peoples work. No one likes a copycat – especially Google. If you must, then do a canonical reference to it. If you don’t know what that is, then just don’t steal peoples work!

Don’t put up a blog only to leave it empty. That’s just dumb and you’ve just wasted the time it took you to put up the blog, and everyone will realize that and laugh at you.

(As a marketing agency, we’re obliged to tell you how that would be bad for your image.)

If you don’t want to be laughed at and don’t have the time to manage your blog properly, then give us a call at (800) 949-0133 or schedule a one-on-one. We are a safehouse for you. We will save you from embarrassment, get your blog in full-swing, help you dominate search results and the social arena, and YOU will have the last laugh!


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