Mobile searches have been increasing every year for the past several years. In many cases, it is responsible for as much as 40% of your overall traffic. You want your website to look good on a mobile device, right?

Well, that is no longer good enough. Google recently confirmed that they are not only penalizing sites that provide a bad mobile experience, they may start rewarding sites that provide a good experience.

You may have already noticed it when you do searches – some sites are starting to get a “Mobile Friendly” label next to their website information in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – you can see an example here.

You can test your site and see if it passes here:

Did you pass? GREAT!!! Did you fail? No problem! It’s simply time to either invest in a new website that is responsive or create a mobile-specific site. In either case, you will look like the genius in the class when you pass that test!

So which is the better option for you? Incredible Marketing can help you answer all of your mobile-friendly questions. Call us at 800-949-0133 and let us help you choose your path wisely!


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