If you knew there was a simple little trick to get you substantially more traffic to your blog posts, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?  You’ll be glad to know it’s as simple as adding a photo or image to the post. According to Internet Content Analyst, Jeff Bullas, blog posts with an image are 94% more likely to be read by a visitor. That’s almost a full 100%! No brainer, right? People are largely visual, so giving them engaging imagery only serves to increase their interest in your blog, brand, and web presence.

People want to see people.

The Nielsen Norman Group’s research suggests that people are more engaged by images of people than anything else, including raw text. People are interested in people, especially in a visual way. Photos get 93% more engagement on Facebook than any other content. Using photos of people can help increase user engagement but the caveat is it has to be relevant to the content, otherwise it’s just filler. The Nielsen study also found that imagery considered by most users to be “filler” or irrelevant, like plain old stock photos, are largely ignored.   

We Learn Visually

Aside from the natural attraction to the human face inherent in our own brainsauce, it’s also understood that most people are predominantly visual learners. The popularity of infographics is a testament to this. Any time you can illustrate your point with visual or design cues, the point will be driven home with much more impact.

It’s important that your images load quickly and are optimized for search engines to find as well. A good rule of thumb is one image for every 350 words. Of course, that’s just a guideline. As long as your content and imagery is working together to be engaging, you’re playing the game right.

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